Do more with less - how a well-executed strategy can lead to greater impact and accelerate engagement and adoption.
I have over a decade of experience in the AEC industry and am passionate about how the built environment improves people's lives. Not a traditional journey but a rewarding one I have worked in digital fabrication/construction as, a professor at NC State and Prescott College, and as a designer and researcher in both architecture firms and fast-growing tech companies.

I bring a collection of diverse experiences and expertise in industry and academia. I got my start building physical products, then created a carpentry training center in Guatemala, and built homes in Germany. I taught Design Build and Digital Fabrication courses building mass-customizable prototype mobile homes. Previously taught digital design courses at NC State and now I teach ecological design and visualization at Prescott College. 

In my spare time, I create tutorial videos for my Youtube channel where I can combine a myriad of passions: teaching others, videography, the AEC industry, and design tools. 
Let's build something great... together.


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